Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recent sermon slides

Here are some more recent examples of my work. I created some slides for Ogletown, for their "Defining Jesus" sermon series. You can listen to this sermon series here.

Charlie Hall and Band

The BSM is hosting a concert for Charlie Hall! I had the privilege to design the promo pieces for the concert. I created the poster and the post cards (2 sides), this project was a lot of fun. I'll have the digital versions up soon. You can check out Charlie Halls music here. I would encourage everyone to go to this concert, it's going to be a great show! The concert is Oct. 8th, at Mitchell Hall on the UD campus, and starts 6 p.m. You can buy tickets here.

BSM Logo

This is a new logo that was created for the Baptist Student Ministry. They needed a new logo for their new website! They used a Clover Site , which was a real cool way for them to reach local college students! My wife, Emily, works for the BSM. She has helped me get a lot of work from the BSM. She graduated for the University of Delaware as a photography major. Check out her amazing photographs!

Impact Florida t-shirt!

My friend Kristen needed a t-shirt for her summer campers in 08. This t-shirt was a lot of fun, I had flexibility with the design and I think it turned out well! Check out Impact Florida  and you just might see people wearing my t-shirt in some pictures. 

Ogletown Exchange program

Not to long ago Ogletown opened up a brand new building. They needed a logo, posters, stickers, programs, and slides created to help promote the first service in the new building. So Katie Hall (another local graphic designer) and I were quickly put to work. So here are a few pieces that were put together for the church. The first, is a prayer poster designed so that the Ogletown could print out some concerns that needed some prayer. The next two are rough copies of the programs, sorry I didn't have the final version in a digital file. 

K.E. Troutman Electrical

Hey Everyone! 
Check out the van design ! I created this logo and layout for my Dads electrical company. Its a nice and clean design that can be seen clearly when driving down the road at 50 mph. I'll have actual photos of the van up soon. Oh... if you ever need any electrical work done, don't hesitate to call! 302-836-8169 no job too small!


Here is a t-shirt that I designed for my friends Jenny and Tyler Somers. They create some great music, have a listen!

Passion Conference 07

Here is an older t-shirt design I created for bunch of local college students going to the Passion Conference. First, this conference was very cool. Second, I received many compliments on the t-shirts. Wish I could have sold them!

Sermon Series

Here are a few samples of my art work. I was asked by my local church to help the pastor out with a few of his sermon series.  The pieces I created were presented during the sermon on the big screen. Which is some very cool exposure for my artwork. Thanks Ogletown! You can here the sermons here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Beginning

Hey Everyone,
This is the beginning! I created this blog to show the world some of my artwork. So feel free to take a gander and comment. If you need some design work created, feel free to contact me! 
Thanks for being interested!