Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A nice rainy day is good for many things! About a month ago I decided to do a little painting for the first time since college. It was actually a lot of fun and very relaxing. I chose to paint a Jellyfish, because they are very weird and beautiful at the same time. Not a bad painting for just picking up the brush again. I made the canvas out of wood and water color paper. Not traditional, I know! I'm definitely inspired to continue painting! So you might see some more paintings soon....

Monday, October 6, 2008

Shawn McDonald poster

I came across this poster that I had in storage and thought I'd share it with everyone. Back in 2005 Shawn McDonald came and played an awesome show at Ogletown.  I was in charge of producing the artwork for the advertising. I think it turned out pretty well. And if I remember correctly, I think I received a few compliments on it from many attenders and I think Shawn himself!....Pretty cool! Check out Shawn Mcdonald 

Van Design

Here are the van photos I promised! This is the finished product in action. It turned out real nice!